Fra: Sjøforklaringer over norske skibes krigsforlis

D/S «Breid»

(H.P.R.Q.) av Porsgrund

Reg.ton br.: 1062, last: props, ødelagt 11te juni paa reise fra Fredrikshald via Haugesund til West Hartlepool. Omkommet: ingen.

On the twelfth day of June, Nineteen hundred and seventeen, between the hours of six and eight o'clock p. m., the Norwegian subject Captain Gullik Larsen Grotness, late Master of the steamship «Breid» of Porsgrund, of 645 tons Nett Register, or thereby, distinguishing letters H.P.R.Q, presented himself at the Norwegian Consulate, Lerwick, and declared that the said ship left Fredrikshald on the seventh instant, with a full cargo and deck cargo of pit props, bound for West Hartlepool via Haugesund and Lerwick; that the said ship on leaving the said port of Fredrikshald, was in perfect seaworthy condition, properly equipped, not overloaded, with cargo properly stowed, properly manned, and fit for the voyage in every way; that the ship arrived at Haugesund on the ninth inst., and left the following day for Lerwick, with a convoy of British Destroyers, passing Holmengraa at 5 o'clock p. m. G.m.t.; that all went well until the eleventh inst. at 4.15 o'clock p.m.G.m.t., the ship's position then being about ten miles E. by S. off Noss Head, Shetland, when a loud explosion was heard; that the ship was immediately seen to have a large hole in her Port side, just ahead of the bridge and immediately below the water line; that the force of the explosion was so great that the bridge on the Port side and parts of the deck amidships were burst open, and a great part of the deck cargo was thrown over the bridge and into the boats; the starboard life boat was also thrown into the water and the davits broken, the boat falling bottom up; that the ship was sinking fast and it was seen to be impossible to save her; that all hands came on deck and launched the Port lifeboat and got into it and one of the ship's rafts; that the crew was shortly afterwards picked up by one of the destroyers forming the convoy; that the said destroyer steamed round the ship several times with the object of taking her in tow for Lerwick, but this was found to be impossible as she was steadily going down by the head; that no submarine could be seen, but from the fact that the ship was struck on the side and just below the water line, deponent is strongly of opinion that the ship was struck by a torpedo; that at the time she was struck the Norwegian flag was flying and the ship's name was painted on her sides, but not Nationality or National flag; that the said destroyer proceeded to Lerwick, which was reached about 9 o'clock p.m.G.m.t.; that the crew was landed there about 10 o'clock, and was taken charge of by the Norwegian Vice Consul, who provided the men with lodgings and food; that the destruction of deponent's ship and cargo, and whatever loss or damage the owners and crew of the said ship, or any person having an interest in the ship, her cargo, or her voyage, may have sustained or may sustain, through the foresaid destruction and sinking of the ship and cargo, are in no way due to the deponent, the Master of the ship, or to his Mate, or to any of his crew, and therefore the deponent protest for behoof of all concerned against the destruction and sinking of his ship and cargo, and against all loss and damages to the said ship, her cargo, and crew, or to any person having an interest therein, caused as aforesaid, and all expenses thereby incurred in common form.

(signed) Gullik Larsen Grotness

We, the undersigned, Olaf Mathias Andreasen, 1st. Mate, Bjarne Heiberg Arvesen, 2nd. Mate, and Markus Andersen, 1st Engineer, having heard the foregoing statement read over, hereby declare it to be true in every respect, and in testimony thereof have affixed our signatures hereto.

(signed) Olaf Mathias Andreasen, 1st. Mate.
(signed) Bjarne Heiberg Arvesen, 2nd. Mate.
(signed) Markus Andersen, 1st Engineer.

(signed) A. Cunningham Hay,
Vice Consul.

(signed) Thomas Johnston
112 Commercial Street, Lerwick, Witness.

(signed) L. M. Henderson,
Commercial Road, Lerwick, Witness.

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Sjøfartskontoret: Sjøforklaringer over norske skibes krigsforlis, b. II
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